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Diverse Learning Environments



Our two’s program is designed to foster a sense of community and positive social interactions in a small, home-like environment.  Chloe Day School cultivates a community of empathy through a progressive curriculum that focuses on self-expression, sharing, and teaching children the language they need to succeed in their daily interactions. 

Our small classroom sizes allow our two-year-olds to bond with their educators and with peers, through play, small and large group projects, and varied special activities and trips. 


In our 3-K program, preschoolers learn about sharing and friendships. They are problem-solvers and helpers, and they are currently working on a project book about their family and their role in it.


Students have classroom jobs, including taking care of classroom pets and plants. They are on the path toward independence and critical thinking as a community. Children actively share their thoughts and ideas, giving them a sense of ownership in the classroom, which helps build their confidence to tackle challenges.


They take turns with weekly classroom jobs, and we use the environment and materials to empower them to think deeply, take risks, and work together. Our focus is on math, literacy, science, and social-emotional development, and we foster curiosity and wonder through provocations.


Teachers observe what children are interested in and ask questions to help them develop their theories and hypotheses.




In our 3-K program, our preschoolers learn about sharing and friendship s. They are problem-solvers and helpe s. They are working on a project book about their family and their role in the family.

 In this class, we have an additional special training Teacher assistant in ABA to support students with developmental variations.   Our unique support offers extra support to students with mild developmental variations while providing an inclusive space for learning to continue their journey toward independence and becoming critical thinkers as a community. Children share their thoughts and ideas, allowing them to participate actively in their learni g. They have a strong sense of ownership in the classroom, which helps build their confidence to tackle challenges that may arise.

 We foster children’s curiosity and wonder through provocations while focusing on math, literacy, science, and social-emotional development.  Teachers observe what children gravitate toward and ask more questions to facilitate children's development of their theories and hypotheses.



Our Pre- K Learners are more independent; they care for their belongings, themselves, each other, and their classroom. The Poppies classroom offers a unique opportunity for young and enthusiastic learners to explore and learn about social justice and community.

We  focus on the development of skills necessary for  students to be success in kindergarten. Our students build strong foundational knowledge in literacy, mathematics, science, and communication, through play, exploration, and inquiry.


Students learn basic ASL( American Sign Language) and Spanish.Our program also supports our students' growth as they develop a heightened sense of the world, a desire to be independent, a more substantial critical thinking skill, and the need for social interaction.  

We support and teach them how to problem solve, resolve conflict and help to build their confidence through purposeful play and collaborative learning experiences.

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