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Asking the Empowering Questions, During Challenging Times

Today was especially hard for me; I woke up to bad news, more death, and loss. My childhood sister-friend lost her mother yesterday to COVID-19. I was heartbroken when I received the news. But, before I could sit down and process the information, I was hearing. My husband received a phone call from one of his closest friends, saying his brother had transitioned today too from COVID-19.

The news was devastating; I was wondering, “ what is going on?” We all see the numbers from CNN posted on our TV screens each day, but I realize one can become numb to the numbers and forget those numbers represent people, families, and lives that have been lost.

The pain and sadness that one's heart feels when dealing with death, have left me asking questions.

Looking for answers to my life and wanting to live a better, more harmonious life. I went to my Facebook page and was blessed by a conversation about manifesting your dreams. It was interesting to hear another perspective on things, especially as I struggle through these challenging times. Motivation always helps when you are hurting, even if it does not feel like it is helping in the moment.

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