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About Us

Where Minds Bloom, Hands Grow, Little Lives Are Transformed 

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Who We Are 

The Chloe Day School and Wellness Center is a public preschool and wellness space that takes a progressive – approach to learning, child development, and family empowerment. We believe that children are intrinsically curious and are capable of making meaningful discoveries when they are given opportunities to explore, play, and experience their environment.


Children do best when supported by strong and healthy families. From the beginning of life, families nurture their children to be healthy and develop the capacities they will need to be ready for school and success. We believe that all children, regardless of their community, religious background, race, gender, or socioeconomic status, are gifted with unique talents and abilities to offer the world. 


A school is a place where children can develop and explore the skills and talents needed to become their most authentic selves.  We understand the significance of families’ roles in the development of children, and we believe that supportive and trusting partnerships with families are critical, and they are our greatest asset in administering student achievement. To attend our program all families must have an interview before accepted, and a home visit before they start the program.  Family participation and support is required, there are several ways families are encouraged to participate and get  we believe this relationship is a partnership. We value family engagement and support. 



Our mission is to nurture the whole child’s early learning experience while supporting their physical, cognitive, social-emotional, mental and spiritual development; through play and social interaction to prepare preschool children and their families to recognize their unique potential as lifelong learners and leaders.

Our Vision

The vision of this organization is to promote unity, self-awareness, and creativity among children and families.


We Value

  •      Healthy relationships, spiritual exploration, and community partnerships

  •      Social justice, diversity of experiences, cultures, ways of learning, and ideas

  •      Trust and support in the members of our community

  •      Passion for learning, self-discovery, and creativity

 We recommend that all families who are interested in our program, please schedule a tour, by call 212-234-8209



Get in Touch

300 West 134th Street

New York  NY  10030

212-234- 8209

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